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I have a lot of ideals when it comes to raising children. Even before I was married and had Leia, I would think about the things I would want for my children. Strange, I know but you guys all know how much I love kids.

As for Leia, we’re determined to raise her in a supportive and loving environment with loads of books. I want to also inculcate some of the things that my parents used to do that helped shaped me to be the person I am today.

  1. Meals at the table. We would have family dinners at the table EVERY NIGHT. Everyone had to sit at their designated place and we’d chat about the day and have dinner. No phones (that time no phone also) or books at the table. It was a lovely way of us just developing a closer bond with each other.
  2. Prayers every night. Being raised a Christian, we said prayers every night before bedtime. We would sit in the hall and pray together, each of us saying what we hoped for and what we’re thankful for. For Leia, it might be a bit different because I’m Christian and Selvan is..you know, Selvan but we will still try to pray every night before bed.
  3. Reading. My mum made us love reading and taught us the most important lesson of reading for pleasure. We’d fill our holidays with books and we’d pick books over TV any day. Reading helped me in more ways than I can imagine and I hope to do the same for Leia. Friends will disappoint but your books will always be there.
  4. Confidence. When I was 5, my mum entered me in a story telling competition. I remember telling her that I cannot memorize a story and I’m too afraid to stand in front of the crowd and do it. She told me to go ahead and do it. And I did it. My parents cared about our academic achievement but were more excited about getting us involved in story telling competitions, choral speaking and debates. Today, I think it was more of these things that helped me rather than my academic achievement.

But, I must admit..in today’s world where we are so glued to our smartphones it’s hard to raise a baby that is not influenced with technology at all! Leia loves the phone and she loves making video calls to her grandma, my sister in UK, Constance and just about anyone who would like to video call her. We don’t let her watch videos or cartoons, except the rare occasion when she’s really unwell. I admit, the phone is the perfect management tool for babies. You turn on a video and they are silent for as long as YouTube autoplays. But, in the long run, you lose out. Your child would struggle with their fine motor skills and be addicted to the screen. So takpe, susah sekarang..senang kemudian.

Lastly, it’s nutrition. It is tempting and bloody easy to just buy some boxed cereal and feed your baby. I dread preparing her meal every night cause some nights, I just want to sleep. But, anything boxed contains loads of sugar and is just not good for the baby. So yes, I force myself to cook..no matter how simple it may be.

Susah gila raising anak ini kan?

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