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Posted on: March 30, 2018

With social media and the hours we spend on it, it’s so easy to compare our lives with the person next to us. And yes, we women are guilty of doing that all the time. I mean, take Selvan for example..he doesn’t have Instagram & is hardly on Facebook so he doesn’t know what an average husband/father is doing..so in his head, he’s a damn good father and husband. LOL. Whenever I share with him a post on instagram about something romantic someone has done for their significant other, he’ll laugh it off. Cis, tak dapat hint langsung.

Anyways, as women and especially now that I’m a mother & trying to run an organisation, it is SO EASY for me to look at other successful women and compare myself with them. How is it so easy for them while I’m struggling to get Leia to sleep or drink milk? How is it that their hair is STILL so pretty despite breastfeeding? Dude, I breastfeed for 20 minutes and nak tidur for the next 3 hours. Six months after giving birth, I think I’m still tired from the pushing during labour. I just don’t know how they are doing it.

One day, my wise sister told me a piece of gossip that forever changed how I looked at these successful women. She said, ‘Cheryl, she has three maids to take care of her 3 children.” Ahhh!! Maids, yes of course. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? See, nothing wrong with having maids but many times successful women don’t really share with us their support system that helps them to be successful. I hate it that they make it seem like they’ve done it by themselves and then make the rest of us feel bad. Cis.

Our support systems – a good husband, maids to take care of our kids, our parents – all of these people contribute towards us becoming who we are. I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I did today without the help of Selvan, my wonderful babysitter, my parents & my dear cleaner who comes and helps me with the house every two weeks. Honestly, I cannot do it. I acknowledge & understand that many people would not have the same privileges as I have..which is why I’m very wary of sharing any ‘success’ stories of being a full time working mum.

I wish, women would just be a bit more honest with how they became successful. Throughout the ‘Adiwiraku’ phase & when I was asked about how I could do it, I said that I had a supportive principal, a great collab & parents who were always there for me to help me. Our support system is important, why are we forgetting them? Even if we do mention them, it’s always that one forgettable random post no one cares about.

Having said all of this, I also want to acknowledge that there are many women who have made it without a great support system. I wish we could hear more from them. I would love to know how they could overcome all adversities and become who they are today, minus the maids & the supportive spouse.

Meanwhile, it’s back to trying to finish the laundry, reply emails and ensure Leia is not trying to eat some random piece of paper she found on the floor..TTYL!


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