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Not a genius or a princess

Posted on: March 25, 2018

I often joke about how I want Leia to get straight As and all that. I think my friends and  family take it seriously and they often tag me in all these posts and articles on how to make my baby a genius. But for real, can you make your baby a genius?

Babies, like all of us, are unique individuals. They have their temper tantrums, they have their pet peeves and most importantly, they achieve things in a way and at a time that is comfortable for them. Some babies crawl faster, some speak faster and some are more advanced that the others. As parents, our duty is to provide them with the best we can. Toys for stimulation, reduced TV time, play space and lots of love. I think it’s really as simple as that.

I don’t believe in the flash cards at six months and hiring an ‘expert’ to come and help your baby to be a genius. I don’t! There’s a few things that we can do to help stimulate our babies senses. We can talk to them while playing, show them things, read to them and then, let them play on their own. We don’t have to constantly stimulate them with toys and random games.

If you want your child to acquire language skills faster, talk to them in real people language. Quit the baby talk and tell them things as it is. I remember my good friend once asked her son if he knew the ‘consequences’ of his action — he was only 2 at that time.  Needless to say, he’s now a bright boy with an extensive vocabulary.

And yes, I send Leia for music class at six months not because I want her to pick up an instrument or to be the next Mozart, but because she genuinely enjoys music. Ed Sheeran aside, she’s a lot calmer when we play songs during feedings or when she’s playing by herself. I found out about the music class from my sister and we took Leia for a trial lesson. She enjoyed it so much, listening to the teacher sing and playing different instruments (egg shakers etc). So, we enrolled her and she’s loves it! But yes, no expectations..just want her to have fun.

Raising a baby, like everything else is a learning process. Some things we do are great for them, some maybe not so great, but we try. The MOST important part of their growing up is for them to know that they are loved, every day of their life. Hug your babies, kiss them, cuddle them, let them fall asleep in your arms — all these positive emotions will certainly lead them to become a genius in their own way.

Lastly, my last point for this blog is..of the things I want for my daughter, I want her to be more than a princess! I’m not sure why, but the moment we have baby girls, we instantly feel the need to call them princess. For me, and of course this is just my opinion, you should be so much more than a princess. Now, before you roll your eyes and say, ‘but Cheryl you NAMED HER AFTER PRINCESS LEIA’ let me explain a bit. Princess Leia was the leader of the rebellion, not an ordinary princess. But also, we never refer to her as Princess Leia..she’s always just Leia D.

But yes, we call Leia cute, we call her strong, we call her brave and we call her wild — anything but princess. Of course, if she marries a real Prince then okay la, but other than that, she can be the strong, brave and smart girl that she is.

So okay, I tulis panjang lebar but in conclusion, no genius or princess. Let your child be whatever they want to be! Encourage their uniqueness and let them explore. Simpan flashcards itu ok 😛


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