Unleashing Drama

Tonight, I will sit & sleep

Posted on: August 7, 2017

Insomnia has been kicking in worst than ever. I lie awake at night with a million random thoughts, Tonight, I decided to let insomnia win and just do work while I stay awake.

My baby shower is this weekend (along with my birthday) and I’m already tired thinking about it. Haha. I kid. I’m super grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by my close friends and celebrate both my birthday and the upcoming birth of my dear baby. My parents, for some reason, are super excited about the baby shower and we went to check out the place today. True to our #nerd self, we’re having it in a nerdy location. You’ll see soon on my Instagram.

33 weeks pregnant and I’m secretly hoping I’ll pop sooner than 40 weeks. I cannot imagine waiting another 7 weeks. But, it’s okay..I know that it’s important to be relaxed and let the baby comes when she’s ready (I hope you’re kiasu like me baby).

As I type this, I’m looking over at Selvan sleeping away his non productive self away. Lol. Sorry, but I cannot help but feel this way. Don’t get me wrong, Selvan tries his best to be a supportive husband but honestly, he cannot fathom half of the things I go through. Either ways, I’m eternally grateful that he does most of the housework and buys me anything I want to eat.

That’s all I have to rant for tonight. It’s back to listening to Backstreet Boys and completing my work! Ttyl


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