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What I think about when I walk

Posted on: July 9, 2017

I took a walk just now, something I haven’t done in years for fear of getting mugged! It was a 7 minute walk from my apartment to my mum’s house for lunch. I only half-ran twice when I saw a motorcycle coming near me but besides that, it was a fairly decent walk. I thought about a million different things, my organisation being the number one priority. How am I ever going to find a team? I’ve been so comfortable working alone, making decisions and just being by myself that it’s going to be a bit of a struggle to find a team and then work with humans (gasp)! Although I claim to be an extrovert, I’ve been enjoying the quiet afternoons of working alone, having lunch alone and just discussing all these cool ideas and thoughts with myself. I know it sounds crazy, but my thoughts and I, we have the best conversations.

But, I digress.

Selvan and I went for our antenatal class and half way through listening to gory details of childbirth, he looks at me and asks, “How are you going to do it baby?” For the first time since we knew we were expecting a child, I sensed worry and confusion in his eyes and his tone.

“Why? You scared ke?” I jokingly asked him, suppressing all my fear and oh-my-god-it’s-gonna-hurt-so-bad thoughts.

“No. Just worried for you.” He said, slowly taking my palm into his and rubbing it gently.

To be honest, I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I cringe at the thought of going for threading cause it’s painful. I have low low low threshold for all emotional, mental and physical pain. I hate injections and all of that. How am I going to endure the pain of childbirth? It’s too late now to back out, I should have thought about it before..you know. But, oh well.

Selvan’s been a great support since I entered my third trimester. He takes leave to drive me to far off meetings, waits for me patiently and listens to all my cravings. I was shocked that he bought macarons worth RM27 from Harrods. I mean, my husband is great but he’s the most kedekut human being on earth..I don’t know how he brought himself to spend RM27 on macarons!!

And just yesterday, he left for a meeting in Bangsar. After his meeting, he called me and asked me to get ready for lunch. As I entered the car, I saw a Zara paperbag at the backseat. I quickly grabbed it to look at the contents, thinking that he would have bought some more cute baby clothes. Much to my surprise, he bought a top for me. For me!! Selvan never buys gifts for me, unless it’s my birthday. And even that, I’ll get a practical one like a watch or a Kindle. But he actually picked out a pretty looking top and bought it for me..terkejut please!

Ok, then later he was so proud of himself I think he’s going to stop buying gifts for the next 3 years and just ride on this one Zara top. Lol.

But, I’ll take his sincere efforts to keep me (and baby) happy in good faith. It’s always wonderful to have a supportive spouse, especially when you’re craving for sugar and with a perpetual backache.

29 weeks pregnant already. Baby coming real soon folks!


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