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And if you like to tell me maybe..just go ahead now..

Posted on: February 13, 2013

I promise. This is not a teacher blog. This will be a blog about random things because I am random and I have the attention span of a goldfish. I believe, the biggest irony of it all is that I tell my kids to concentrate during lessons when I suffer from the worst attention span in the world. Even as I try to type this, I’ve already gotten distracted about 8 times, opening various tabs and reading other things. But, the blessing in disguise is the fact that I know how kids with short attention span operate so I make sure my lessons are engaging enough to keep them awake. Look at me, talking about teaching again.

Being home has been great. It’s always nice to come home to the sounds and sights that you are familiar with. And home cooked food! And my bed! Okay, you get my drift. Since I left my car in Kedah, I had to rely on the kind people to drive all the way to Gombak if they want to go out with me. And, then I had to convince them that Gombak is not that far. It was that or Justin or Savisha had to drive me around.


I made them listen to my teacher stories just about five times till they got tired of me. I mean, these days, I can’t seem to think of anything else that might be more important than education inequity. Have I told you about my Form 1 kids who can’t read?! Sigh.


How can I make a trip to KL and not visit my ‘son’? If you guys remember, he’s the kid I used to teach at Puchong and is absolute cuteness in a tiny body. When he saw me, he dropped his bag and ran to hug me. It was a blissful reunion. Ah kids, why you always make my heart melt? 😦 Surprisingly, this naughty kid is now calm and collected and actually does his work. He even spoke to me in a little English. heartmeltslikeicecream


Sumpah, I wanted to put them in my bag and feed them dried mangoes.


I also went to meet my cousins who made me entertain them for hours and hours. We played Simon Says, Bingo and Monopoly and I felt I was in school all over again. Except they were tiny tots. Same difference.


Valencher and I πŸ˜€ See, you don’t know how much I missed KL that I even miss the loud music in em’ smoky restaurants with all of us trying to be louder than the other to tell our story. But these days, all that shouting in class has left me with the loudest voice of em’ all πŸ˜€ Yays! 427208_535255946507758_1867539302_n And more lovely people. They listened to my stories and frustration over and over again. Sigh, education inequity what have you done to me?

20130212_010309Dayana Safian, one month later, gave me a christmas present. We went to One Utama for lunch (along with baby Elyas who’s super cute I want to wrap him in a seaweed and pretend he’s a sushi) and Dayana kept making reference to all things Kuala-la-la-la Lumpur saying, “Cheryl, did you know we have this here?”. I reminded her, repeatedly, that I’ve only been in Kedah for ONE MONTH. Kuala-la-la-la Lumpur could not have changed THAT much! There is a Chatime near my house though..

And there you have it! A non-teacher post to show that I haven’t lost my mind and I’m still capable of talking about other things. For now, it’s back to my assignments (journal-reading-writing-reviews-all-over-again) and Joe Brooks on replay πŸ˜€

One way at a time I’ll try to lend these broken hands of mine
Give my strength, be my light
One way at a time the peace will grow and fill our empty souls
Give me strength, help me guide these broken hands of mine
Oh, these broken hands of mine

What if there’s more
What if there’s more
What if there’s more than this
What if there’s more out there?



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and you skipped the old town white coffee? :p

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